Pondless Waterfalls

“As long as I live, I'll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing.” – John Muir


Almost everyone enjoys the sound of rushing water or the view of cascading water coming over rocks. Until recently, if homeowners wanted such an attraction in their yards, it would require a pond with an attached waterfall. That is no longer the case. Pondless waterfalls offer the tranquility and beauty of rushing water without the constant upkeep of a pond. No expensive fish to try keeping alive from the pesky critters, no green water that you constantly fight to keep clean, and no fancy nets to keep leaves out of the pond.


Green Landscaping designs and builds custom pondless waterfalls in all shapes and sizes and for all budgets. Whether you are looking for a small, 2-tier waterfall in the corner of the patio area, or large multiple cascading falls down a large hillside, we can accommodate your needs. Add in some beautiful plant materials, underwater lighting, or simply leave as is. Pondless waterfalls can offer years of enjoyment for the outdoor lover.


The next time you are enjoying your outdoors over a glass of wine or your favorite beverage, try to envision the visual and audio sensations that would come from a pondless waterfall.


Call today at (770) 366-8443 or book an installation appointment to schedule your consultation to see where a pondless waterfall may be the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

Let us create a plan to accent your water feature with plants and shrubs to enjoy all year!
Placing a waterfall next to stone retaining walls is an erosion control plan that adds beauty and value to your home.
There are several important, professional steps that need to be taken to create a long term, worry free water feature. Let us show you our work!
Not just a trickle! We assure you that just the right amount of pressure will keep your water flowing.
Stairs with a waterfall creates a picture perfect landscape.
Waterfall with Retaining Wall
Make your retaining wall a water feature! Adding outdoor lighting makes this enjoyable year round.
The perfect solution to your erosion problem.
Lighted Waterfall
This custom built water feature has been attached to the home creating a beautiful focal point on the deck. Perfect for smaller spaces.
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