Flower Facts: Trumpet Vine

August 7, 2017

Plant a trumpet vine and you're sure to have hummingbirds visiting your yard in summer. But that's not the only reason to have it; trumpet vine is super easy to grow and quickly covers walls, fences, or other structures with a curtain of green leaves and bright flowers. It's native to areas of North America, too.


Beware!! Because of its fast growth, many gardeners consider it invasive; runners under the ground can pop up several feet from the main stem.


  • Trumpet vines love the sun.

  • They grow from 8 - 20 feet or more, and climb up to 30 feet.

  • Flowers bloom in shades of orange and red.

  • Foliage grows in shades of chartreuse and gold.

  • They liked to bloom in the summer and fall.

  • Luckily, they are drought tolerant.

  • Features include attracting birds, growing well in containers, and requiring low maintenance.

  • They are best suited for zones 5 - 9

Variations include:

Common trumpet vine is the wild form with orange flowers all summer and into fall.



Mme. Galen' bears large clusters of orange-red blooms on a vigorous plant.



Summer Snowfall offers clusters of orange-red trumpet-shape blooms and white-splashed foliage.



Yellow trumpet vine bears lots of golden-yellow blooms against dark green foliage.


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