Personalize Your Garden Path

April 2, 2018

Your garden’s walkway can become an integral element of your garden’s appeal. As visitors meander past brightly-colored flowers, striking green trees, and lush grasses, your walkway’s patterns and textures will also hold their attention. Create a truly distinctive walkway by infusing it with your favorite materials and colors, and add striking or whimsical accents that enhance your visitors’ enjoyment.


Garden Reflections
Capture your garden’s flavor with a walkway that harmonizes with your garden’s living components. In a serene Asian-themed garden, for example, a winding walkway’s irregularly positioned walking stones encourage visitors to slow down and savor the experience. An herb garden’s gravel and stepping stone walkway provides a rustic, informal feel that blends with the differently textured herbs overlapping the path.



Mixed-Media Path
A mixed-media garden walkway combines conventional and unusual colors and textures. For example, highlight a reclaimed red brick walkway with gray-toned, oval-shaped river rocks. Using multiple types of walkway materials adds even more interest. Consider a winding sand and gravel walkway featuring river rocks and randomly sized cut stones for added eye appeal.


Sentimental Stepping Stones
Accent your walkways with differently themed, shaped, and sized stepping stones. For example, remember a favorite Caribbean vacation by embedding sea glass or shells in beach-themed stepping stones. Cast your children’s or grandchildren’s handprints, or perhaps your pet’s paw prints, in stepping stones you’ll cherish whenever you stroll through your garden. Make the stepping stones from kits found at garden centers or craft stores; or hire a custom concrete fabricator to craft the stepping stones for you.



Spotlight on Plantings
Showcase your favorite trees and bushes by making them focal points for garden visitors. If a nearby garden bench faces a vacant piece of ground, plant a favorite tree that will catch visitors’ attention while they sit and relax. Perhaps you’d like to plant a series of trees or bushes, such as several varieties of maples or hummingbird bushes, at existing walkway stopping points. Place your trees or bushes in similar decorative pots, or use a coordinated planting medium such as a fragrant, textured mulch.


Arched Accents
While visitors meander along your garden’s walkway, invite them to pass through garden arches leading to hidden garden nooks or colorful floral displays. Choose arches that blend with the garden’s flavor, and intertwine the arches with riots of greenery or wildly colorful flowers.

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