Houseplants with Personality III

November 5, 2018

 African Violet

African violets are among the most easy-to-care flowering houseplants. They produce delicate, mauve flowers with little effort from your side. You can choose from several varieties, right from the white-edged blooms to the variegated foliage forms.


 Brazilian Fireworks

Whether you use this gorgeous tropical plant indoors, or in warm, shade gardens (if living in USDA zones 9-11), the Brazilian fireworks is a year-round delight with or without its flowers. This shade-loving plant is demanding but thrives best when subjected to bright, indirect sunlight and occasional watering.


 Crown of Thorns

This lovely poinsettia relative is quite tolerant of neglect and thrives well as long as you place it in a bright spot and keep it in drier side. Appreciated for its showy flowers and thick, grayish-green leaves, it is a popular choice for indoor gardening.


 Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica)

Tall, fat trunk, glossy-large foliage, the money tree is indeed a substitute for the fiddle leaf fig. Only a few indoor trees can become that tall. Also, it’s a low-maintenance houseplant.


 Peace Lily

The peace lily is an attractive, low maintenance, air cleaning houseplant. This plant bears showy, spoon-shaped white spathe amidst a spike of white flower. Peace Lily survives best in a shady environment and easily tackle the absence of light.


 Pleomele (Song of India)

Dracaena reflexa like other plants of this genus is an easy-care houseplant. It’s one of the most ornamental dracaenas; the leaves have solid green color in the middle and a line of lime-yellow color on sides. Good for tabletops and plant stands as pleomele is a slow growing plant.


 Schefflera (Umbrella Tree)

If you’re searching for a tall houseplant to improve the look of your interior, Schefflera is a good choice. Schefflera is finicky about its light requirements and doesn’t like direct sun but this doesn’t mean you can keep it in dim light, a spot near a window that receive indirect sunlight most of the time and have proper air circulation is what it demands. Watering should be done moderately.



Streptocarpus, better known as the cape primrose is related to the African Violets; it prefers the same growing conditions of indirect light or filtered sunlight and moderately watered soil. Its velvety, deep green leaves and eye-catchy floral clusters hovering above the underlying foliage create a stunning appeal, which makes it perfect for adorning a secluded corner of a drawing room or adding a dash of color to an otherwise, dull space.


 String of Pearls

The string of pearls is an easy-care succulent plant. It looks stunning in hanging baskets, trailing down. It is drought tolerant so you don’t need to water frequently, once in every other week would be enough.

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